Bach: 'Actus Tragicus', BWV 106

[Cantata Sunday]

I am breaking the rule for a couple Sundays - these cantatas are being shared with you, not because of its relevance to the liturgical calendar, but because Die Konzertisten and Cammer Musicus, our local baroque orchestra, are performing them! On 8 and 12 Aug, we will present two different programmes of Bach cantatas. The first concert, in which I am conducting, will feature the 'Actus Tragicus', Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, BWV 106 (God's time is the very best time). It is a funeral cantata that Bach wrote in his early years. 'Here, in one stroke, the twenty-two-year-old composer left all his contemporaries far behind could be argued that in later years Bach's art became a great deal more mature, but it hardly grew more profound.' (Dürr 2005: 759) Hope to see you in the concert!

Text and translation:

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