C.P.E. Bach: Magnificat

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Let's move on to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's vocal works today. To me, his Magnificat (1749) is definitely one of the best large-scale choral works composed in the 18th century. The work sounds strikingly similar to Old Sebastien's Magnificat in the beginning movement. But it then transforms into something much more 'classical' to our ears, owing to the predominantly homophonic choral texture. Nonetheless, Emanuel closes the work with a double-fugue written in Stile Antico (the old style), which gives the piece a taste of 'baroque' grandeur. The fugue subject bears a marked resemblance to Mozart's themes in the 'Laudate pueri' of his Vesperae solenne e confessore K 339, and Kyrie of his Requiem, as well as Haydn's the finale of his String Quartet in F minor, op. 20 no.5. (Alwes 2015: 320)


Playlist of all the music I have shared: https://goo.gl/i6DApN


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