20 Aug 2017

[Cantata Sunday]

Cantata No. 46 'Schauet doch und sehet, ob irgendein Schmerz sei' (Behold and see, if there be any sorrow) was composed by Bach in 1723, his first year in Leipzig. The work is unusually richly-scored for a slide trumpet, two recorders, two oboes da cacc...

19 Aug 2017

[Vocal Saturday - Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist] 

'Ariane consolée par Bacchus' is a recently discovered cantata for solo baritone by François Couperin. Here sung beautifully by Stéphane Degout. The album also features other wonderful works by the composer.


18 Aug 2017

[Instrumental Friday - Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist]

Famed violinist Isabelle Faust playing the Mozart Violin Concertos with period orchestra Il Giardino Armonico.


Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist: https://goo.gl...

16 Aug 2017

[Instrumental Wednesday - Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist] 

Telemann wrote 12 of these solo violin pieces and published them under the title of 'Fantasias' in 1735. Here is a recording of Fabio Biondi playing the lively Vivace in No. 9.


15 Aug 2017

[Vocal Tuesday - Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist]

Have not been able to post frequently in the past two weeks for various reasons... Will make this DAILY again!

Continuing with the Shortlist, here is an album of Monteverdi madrigals from his Books 7 & 8, recorded live b...

11 Aug 2017

[Instrumental Friday - Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist] 

Vivaldi's Concertos for Two Violins recorded and played dazzlingly by Amandine Beyer and her group Gli Incogniti, joined by guest soloist Giuliano Carmignola.



6 Aug 2017

[Cantata Sunday]
As mentioned last week, I am breaking the rule for a couple Sundays - these cantatas are being shared with you, not because of its relevance to the liturgical calendar, but because Die Konzertisten and Cammer Musicus, our local baroque orchestra, are...

4 Aug 2017

[Instrumental Friday - Gramophone Awards 2017 Shortlist] 

Absolutely everybody knows this piece. The famous 'Air' (NOT on G string...) from Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major is universally loved.


Gramophone Aw...

3 Aug 2017

[Vocal Thursday]

Heinrich Schütz (1585 - 1672), like his contemporary Schein, was one of the most important German composers before Bach. Early in his career, he studied with Giovanni Gabrieli in Venice. He returned to Venice again to study with Monteverdi quite some y...

2 Aug 2017

[Instrumental Wednesday]

The Gramophone magazine has just announced its Classical Music Awards 2017 shortlist. I will be sharing some of the selected recordings in my posts in the coming weeks. 
Giuseppe Tartini (1692 – 1770) was a composer and violinist. He is most w...

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